• This installation guide is applied for PHP Standalone version. If you're using WordPress plugin. Go to WordPress documentation instead.
  • It's recommended that you read Messenger Platform's Overview before continuing this documentation.


Server Requirements

In order to run Giga Messenger Bots (GigaAI), your server should meet these minimum requirements:

  • PHP >= 5.4
  • MySQL >= 5.6
  • cURL should enabled
  • Your site (or webhook) should https

Most of server/hosting providers is already support PHP 5.4+ and cURL. You can also get a free SSL from LetsEncrypt.

Of course, it's highly recommended that you run latest stable PHP version.

Installing Giga Messenger Bot

  • Download and unzip the package.
  • Copy giga-messenger-bot directory to your web server.
  • Your webhook now is the path to /public/index.php URL. For example:

Setup Your Database

  • Create your MySQL database (or use existing one if already have)
  • Open /vendor/gigaai/framework/schema/mysql.sql and import to your database
  • Open /config.php, in mysql section, enter your database connection info then save file.

Of course, you can rename giga-messenger-bot to whatever you want. Or point your domain to /public/ URL for security purpose. All is well.

Secure Tunnels to Localhost

Let's assume that you want to test your bots in your development environment before deploying. You'll need to let Facebook connect to your PC and it should have SSL enabled. To simply these steps, we'd recommend that you use ngrok, it will automatically create a secure public URL to your local webserver with format: