Jan 22, 2017

Create Facebook Messenger Bot with free and powerful WordPress plugin

Facebook has introduced Messenger Bot about 10 months ago. At the time they released this platform, as the enthusiast PHP developers, we developed a messenger bot library called Facebook Messenger Bots for PHP and sell it on CodeCanyon.

At the first version, this library is only provide one feature: response people message automatically, with only one method: $bot->answer($ask, $answers);

After more than 8 months with many updates, we proud to become an ultimate marketing tool, not only Messenger Bot solution. You'll have a plugin with seamless experience, many marketing feature like CRM, Subscriptions & Notifications management, Account Linking, Intended Action, etc.

Today, we'd love to share this plugin to everyone, without any penny. Yes, we've pushed Express version on WordPress plugin repository.

Download for Free

What's different with pro version on Envato? This free Express edition won't have Account Linking, Subscription & Notifications management. They're use the same Messenger Bot Framework.