Apr 22, 2017

Giga Messenger Bots v2.3 Released

Giga Messenger Bots v2.3 (Frankfurt) is now available via Download page. If you're already member, please login to download.

Version 2.3 includes a variety of new features and improvements, a complete list of them can be found on Changelogs page, here is some highlight stuff:

Multiple Pages

This feature lets you manage unlimited Facebook pages at one place, you can also share across all pages. This helps you save time and effort.

New Messenger Profile

As Facebook Messenger Platform 1.4 introduces Messenger Profile to replace their Thread Settings, we've updated to fully compatibility with them.

Greeting Text

You can now set greeting text for different locales, you can also use their template to display visitor name in greeting text.

Persistent Menu

Persistent Menu now supports up to 3 nested levels, the first level can contains 3 items, the remaining can have up to 5 items. You can set different menu for each locales. You can also disable sending message for each locale (so visitor can only use persistent menu to interact with your bot).

Update Leads based on their sent data

Before 2.3, when you want to ask for people email and save it to DB, you'll have to use our API to write some piece of code, to simply this step, we have new feature for that.