Mar 21, 2017

Pricing and Website updates

As you can see, we've just updated some website elements. Currently, we sell Giga Messenger Bots on Envato CodeCanyon at $39 for Regular license and $99 for Extended license with 6 months update and support.

When purchasing our items on CodeCanyon, you'll have to create an account, verify your email address, pay with extra $2 for deposit with a complex form. That's too much.

As a buyer, we want a shortest step for buy the product, so we'll move the payment to our website and use Gumroad to manage our payment. From April 19th, to buy our product, just hit the Purchase button, enter your email, fill your payment info (we do support Credit Cards and Paypal), and done!

New Pricing

After April 19th, we'll have 3 different plans: Express, Personal and Business.

  • The Express edition is totally free and you can download directly on WordPress plugin repository.
  • The Personal edition ($39/year) have more premium features like Subscriptions & Notifications, Account Linking... and you can install it on 1 website.
  • The Business edition ($99/year) currently exactly same as Personal but you'll get high priority support, installation service and can install it on unlimited websites.

What happens with my Envato license?

You can continue use your Envato license, if you bought Regular license ($29), you'll be converted to Personal edition ($39), if you bought Extended license, you'll be converted to Business edition ($99).

We're still focusing to update our framework to compatibility with the latest Messenger Platform. Try to bring it to you soon.