Auto Stop (Mute)

What happen when leads talking with your bot and your bot cannot answer current question? You'll want to join the conversation and talk with your leads instantly. In the meantime, your bot should mute. The auto stop feature helps you do that with ease!

How it works?

When your lead talking with your bot and you'll want to stop your bot and answer yourself. You can send some of defined text (or any text) to your lead in the conversation, bot knows that you're talking and want to mute her so it stopped!

When you've finished the conversation and want to let your bot continue, you'll send some defined text again and bot will continue the conversation.


  • In order to enable Auto Stop, you have to set your Page ID first. Go to Settings \ Basics tab and add add your Facebook Page ID.
  • Go to Auto Stop tab, click on Auto Stop checkbox, it will reveal new settings.
  • In the Stop the bot when Page Administrator text text box, enter your desired text. In case you want enter any text and bot muted. Enter *
  • In the Restart the bot when Page Administrator text text box, enter your desired text. This field cannot be and cannot be * also (Of course).
  • Click Save Changes and done!

Viewing Mute Status

To know that the bot is currently muted with a lead or not, go to CRM. You'll see a column named Status, the blue light means active, the red light means muted.

Force Stop & Force Start

You can also change the mute status from the CRM instead of go to conversation and sending message. Just go to lead profile change the status.