Events & Nodes

Event represents each lead's action which send to Giga AI. You can response many times per lead message. For example, if lead text: "hello", then you can response "hi!", then response "how can I help you today?". For each a group of event - responses we called Node.

Types of Event

  • Text When leads send text to Giga AI.
  • Postback When leads tap on any payload button or Quick Replies.
  • Attachment When leads send attachment message (files, audios, videos, location)
  • Intended When leads responsed to intended action.
  • Default When no nodes defined for the event


As mentioned above, Node is an event with a set of responses. So basically, Bot is constituted by Nodes. For example:

// This is a Node

// People text is an action
People text: 'Do you like watching movie?'

// Bot answers are responses
Bot answers: 'Yes. The Walking Dead for sure.'
Bot answers: 'And you?'

Response Leads

To response leads, we'll create Nodes, both Bot Buider and Giga AI API bring convenience ways to do that.