Natural Language Processing (NLP)

It isn't a real AI without NLP. We're currently support Facebook NLP at the moment and will support Microsoft Cognitive Service in the future so the bot can think, listen, and watch.


To use NLP, you must first install NLP for your bot:

  1. Go to Facebook app dashboard, under PRODUCTS section, select Messenger page.
  2. Under Built-In NLP section, select the page you want to run NLP.
  3. Switch the switcher to On
  4. In Language Model select the language which is best applied to your bot.
  5. In Advanced Settings select options which are best applied to your bot:
    • Verbose: A flag to get auxiliary information about entities, like the location within the sentence.
    • N-Best: The number of n-best trait entities you want to get back. The Default is 1, and the maximum is 8.

Setup Facebook NLP

Using NLP

Responding NLP Entities

When a message sent to your bot, it will returns parsed nlp data with entities. For example, when people say "Hello", it will sends the entity greetings with confident > 0.98 (+98%). That means, the "hello" message is a greeting message, that also means, you can create a node to handle all greetings messages.

To response an entity, enter hash (#) sign before entity name in bot builder Pattern, or first param in $bot->answers() method.

For example:

$bot->answers('#greetings', 'Hi [first_name]');

This will send "Hi John" for example, when user send hi, hello, howdy, or other greeting messages.

Extracting NLP Values

When received a message, Giga AI will parse nlp data with all entities ordered by their confidences, from high to low.

In orderto get NLP values, you can either use [nlp] shortcode or $bot->nlp() method.