Generic Shortcode

Since 2.0, Giga AI added new feature which let you fetch the posts and show as generic templates (carousels) without write any line of code. This also allows you control any part of Generic template and works perfectly with WooCommerce Product since Products are basically Posts.

Adding Dynamic Shortcode

This shortcode is one of our dynamic shortcodes. To add Dynamic shortcode, follow the steps below:

  • In your Node, click + Add Response
  • In the Bot answer with dropdown, select Dynamic Shortcode
  • A Text box will show up allows you place the shortcode


Basically, the shortcode usage is:


It will displays 6 bubbles of latest posts in whole site, which contains

  • An image thumbnail of your post
  • A post title
  • Post excerpt
  • A web_url button which let leads redirect to your post url.

Set Bubble Title

By default, the bubble title matches with your post title. In most case, you don't have to change this property. But the Giga still allows you to set the bubble title by using title="field_name" property. While field_name is the post field or post meta. For example:

Bind a custom field named facebook_title to bubble title

[post-generic title="facebook_title"]

Bind except field to bubble title

[post-generic title="excerpt"]

Set Bubble Subtitle

Like title, by default, the bubble subtitle matches with your excerpt. You can also set the subtitle by using same syntax with title subtitle="field_name", while field name is the post field or post meta field. For example:

Set bubble subtitle as WooCommerce _regular_price

[post-generic subtitle="_regular_price"]

Set Bubble Image

By default, the bubble will use your post thumbnail (featured image) as the image. In most case, you don't need to change it. Of course, you can change this property also by using image_url="field_name". The field name should returns an URL. For example:

[post-generic image_url="product_thumbnail"]

Adding Buttons

By default, we'll have a web_url button with "View" title which link to your post in your bubble. You can change the buttons by using buttons="button_title, button_type, permalink" property. If you want to add more than one button, just use | pipe to separate each button. For example:

Create a 'Buy Now' button which link to your post

[post-generic buttons="Buy Now, web_url, permalink"]

Currently, we don't support postback button, but it will available on the next update.

Query Parameters

Dynamic shortcode can't be powerful without query parameters. If you're familiar with WP_Query, it takes no time to know this section. Let's digging in.

Limit Parameter

By default, the Generic Carousel will displays up to 6 Bubbles. You can change the limit by using limit="num_of_bubbles" property. Maximum is 10. For example:

[post-generic limit="3"]

Category Parameters

In order to display product in specified category, we have more than 1 option for you. Just like WP_Query API.

Display posts that have this category (and any children of that category), using category id:

[post-generic cat="4"]

Display posts that have this category (and any children of that category), using category slug:

[post-generic category_name="staff"]

If you need to set complex categories, go to Query Array section

Tag Parameters

Like Category parameters, we have tag parameters for you

  • tag="tag_slugs"
  • tag_id="tag_id"

Show Posts for One Tag

Display posts that have this tag, using tag slug:

[post-generic tag="cooking"]

Display posts that have this tag, using tag id:

[post-generic tag_id="13"]

Show Posts From Many Tags

Display posts that have "either" of these tags:

[post-generic tag="bread,baking"]

Display posts that have "all" of these tags:

[post-generic tag="bread+baking+recipe"]

Post Type Parameters

Post Type parameter lets you select the post to be display. For example WooCommerce Product:

[post-generic post_type="product"]

Tax Parameter

We support tax parameter which more simple and flexible than tax_query, category paramters or tag parameters. This parameter is exclusive available in Giga Messenger Bots only. This helpful when you have custom taxonomy, for example, WooCommerce product category.

Display posts which has this taxonomy id. Can be any taxonomy type

[post-generic tax="7"]

Similar with slug

[post-generic tax="sneakers"]

Order Parameters