Random Text

Your bot will looks dummy when it's only can say "Hi!" when greeting people. You'll want to pick a random text, like "Hello!", "Hola!", "Howdy!" so the bot will look smarter. To do so, you can either use our API, or just using a simple but powerful shortcode.

Adding Dynamic Shortcode

This shortcode is one of our dynamic shortcodes. To add Dynamic shortcode, follow the steps below:

  • In your Node, click + Add Response
  • In the Bot answer with dropdown, select Dynamic Shortcode
  • A Text box will show up allows you place the shortcode


To define a random text pool, add them between [random-text] and [/random-text], keep each item in one line.


Of course, it works with profile shortcode!

Hi [first_name]!
Hello [first_name]!
Hola [first_name]!
Howdy [first_name]!

Did someone say it's powerful?

A pool can be a list of string between () and separated by pipe. The above example can be rewrite like so:

(Hi|Hello|Hola|Howdy) [first_name]!

You can create many pool as you want, awesome huh?

(Hi|Hello|Hola|Howdy) [first_name], have a (nice|good|great|awesome) day!