Advanced Text Matching

Giga AI is case insensitive.

When lead send a text, they can enter anything which you can't expected all of them. Luckily, Giga ships with powerful text matching mechanism, you have many methods to match text. The Text Matching feature works with both Bot Builder and Bot API. In Bot Builder, it's located in the When Receive Text text box. In Bot API, it's first parameter in $bot->answers() method.

SQL Like Syntax

You can also use % (percent) character like SQL LIKE statement to match with any characters.

For example.


Can match with buy gun, or buy me a gun, or I want to buy gun, etc.

Regular Expression

Since V2, Giga AI interacts with MySQL REGEXP syntax. So you can choose either use SQL Like above or REGEXP.

For example:


This example will matches with any sentence which begins with either nice or good or great then with any words then ends with man. Like: nice man, good day man, great done man

Note: You don't need to add ^ and $ for start and stop the regex