Giga AI Features

Build powerful chatbots quickly and easily with Giga AI. Our features are available in both Laravel and WordPress.

Our drag and drop bot builder designed for no coding experience user. You don't need any coding skill to create and scale bots.

Messenger Storm (Laravel) Messenger Storm Bot Builder Giga Messenger (WordPress) Giga AI Bot Builder

Simply upload and hit Activate like other plugins for WordPress and Giga AI is ready to use. For Laravel, we have 5 minutes installation wizard like WordPress so you don't have to touch the code or running any CLI.

Giga AI is easy to use

Create, manage all bots and statistics in a clear dashboard. Bots creating is just easy as select FB Page you owned, and hit "Create". No complex page access token or page id required.

Laravel Dashboard Messenger Storm Dashboard WordPress Dashboard Giga Messenger Dashboard

With our drag and drop builder, you can create nodes, assign nodes to bots and users, see results immediately, exactly same as in Messenger. You are not also create simple static template but also create dynamic templates, update leads, retrieve lead data, extracting Natural Language Processing (AI) values, all inside Bot Builder.

Messenger Storm (Laravel) Messenger Storm Bot Builder Giga Messenger (WordPress) Giga AI Bot Builder

No matter how many pages you have, you can create unlimited bots inside Dashboard.

Laravel Dashboard Messenger Storm Dashboard WordPress Dashboard Giga Messenger Dashboard

We support all Messenger message template like: Text, Generic, Button, List, Image, Photo, Video... We also have Raw message so you can define any message types which even doesn't exists in Messenger.

Giga AI is easy to use

Don't waste money to buy another CRM in order to process FB lead data. With our built in CRM, you can easy manage leads data, subscriptions, and account linking.

Giga AI is easy to use

Send broadcast to everyone or people in your channels. You can manage channels your own or let people select their desired channel to subscribe.
Example: Aaron want to subscribe "Tech News" channel. You can either add Aaron to that channel or when Aaron say, "I'm interesting in tech news", let bot do the job automatically via Bot Builder.

Giga AI is easy to use

You can schedule message, create routines for message for sending broadcast messages. We use Facebook Broadcast API so you can send to unlimited people without ever thinking about sending speed.
You can send one time message, or routine message, send message every day/week/month or whatever you want. We support custom cron expression and WordPress cronjob hooks so it's flexible and just works.

Schedule Routine Message in Giga AI

Want the bot acts as human and let people knows bot is working during conversation? Yes. We do support typing indicator too.

Typing Indicator

Less server resource, less HTTP request, and faster sending speed. Our queue or batch messages is 5X faster than other bots which doesn't have this feature.

During conversation, people might want to buy things, register for an event, book a flight ticket. We'll need an action to save the data to the database automatically. Thanks for our update lead feature, bot can update lead so you don't have to manually look at the conversation and save it to the CRM.

Auto Update Lead

Sometimes, people want to talk with human instead of bot. The "Chat with Agent" or Handover Protocol feature let you do that without ever thinking how it works behind. Basically, you can manage all messages in Facebook Page Inbox. When message is in Inbox, people chat with you. When you're done, click Done and people talk with bot. This help both you and bot work flawlessly together.

Giga AI Handover Protocol Giga AI Chat with Human

Our API is simple but effective, you just need to remember some methods, we also support properties auto resolver so coding experience is a breeze.

// When people send greeting messages, say hi to them
$bot->answer('#greeting', 'Hi [first_name]!');

// Intended Action works like a dream, the data can viewable and editable in CRM
$bot->answer('I want to join this event', 'When will you attend?')
    ->then(function ($lead, $input) {
        $lead->data('attend_date', $input);

        return 'Thanks for registering!';

Easy to import and export nodes, you can export from WordPress and import to Laravel, or vice versa also.

Giga AI is easy to use

Dozens shortcodes to let you choose from. Unlike WordPress shortcode which only to displaying data. Our shortcodes is for both displaying and updating data purpose. Some shortcodes, for example: [lead], [random_text], [post_generic], [nlp], and lead fields can be a shortcode, like [first_name], [last_name], [email].

Easy to display your WooCommerce products and custom action by using our [post_generic] shortcode.

If your bot is for Restaurant, Event, Shopping, Travel booking... You might want to ask people to send their location. After that, bot can extract latitude and longitude from the location. You can then save the data or do what you want with those data.

Our AI feature, NLP, integrated with Facebook, help you extract the conversation and get the context values. You can then check the confident of values to bring the accurate response.
Of course, you're free to set the answer based on the context values in Bot Builder or API your choice.

Giga AI is easy to use

Easy to create a login link to let existing users connect to your website via Messenger. You can then giving the answers, sending messages based on the existing user data in your website.

Unlike Account Linking which connect lead to existing users in your website. IDs Matching feature lets you connect Page Scoped ID with App Scoped ID so you can use advanced features which other SaaS bot builder can't compete with us.

Our WYSIWYG drag and drop menu is exactly same as WordPress menu builder which extremely easy to use without ever thinking.
You can also create menu for any languages you want. We do support localize in the menu.

Persistent Menu Builder in Giga AI

Build the first impression for people in any country with our welcome message which internationalization friendly.

Greeting Text Editor

When update available, just hit update button and let we do the rest. The update is lean because we only download the changes between versions to update.

Messenger Storm auto update