Persistent Menu does not update

close Leo Hoo opened this issue 1 year ago

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Leo Hoo commented 1 year ago

Hi there,

I've made changes to the items on the default persistent menu and they all seem to be saved successfully but when I check the bot, it's still showing the default 3 items on the persistent menu. I've absolutely cleared all the cache and have waited for more than 3 days and tried many times, it's still showing the default menu.

This is the Laravel version that has this problem. The persistent menu does work at WP version.

Could you please check and let us know how to fix this issue asap? Also, can you confirm which mechanism is responsible for the Persistent Menu, is it the table of "bot_instances"? If so, then, I can confirm the changes on the Persistent Menu are NOT reflected in the table. Anyway, looking forward to your guidance on this. Would be lovely if any other user here can chip in as well! Thanks a lot in advance.

Regards, Steve

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