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Beautiful and high performance code for developers. Easy drag-and-drop GUI for marketers. All combined in one product.

Giga AI supports WordPress, Laravel, and other PHP Projects.

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The Complete Toolkit for Facebook Business

All Messenger Platform features included in a killer toolkit.
From Account Linking, Customer Matching, Natural Language Processing, Conversation Tree, CRM, any Message Templates, Update and Sync Lead Data, Handover Protocol, Schedule Messages, Webview,... You have everything you need to run your business on Messenger.

CRM & Broadcast Message Inside

Don't lose any opportunity to stay in touch with your customers. Giga AI will save all of your customers in Messenger to the CRM and lets you work with the data. Giga AI can automatically set the channel for customers based on their behaviors. You can then send broadcast messages to every lead, or leads in specified channels. The Broadcasts feature also support schedule/routines messages with any template you want.


Developer Friendly, Incredible Tooling

Giga AI comes with beautiful, elegance syntax. Facebook SDK included out of the box. Docker up and running in minutes. The code is always easy to remember and predictable make your coding experience more fun. As developer, you only focus to build bot content and forget about the infrastructure and integration. This saves you thousand hours of working and much energy!

// When people send greeting messages, say hi to them
$bot->answer('#greeting', 'Hi [first_name]!');

// Intended Action works like a dream, the data can viewable and editable in CRM
$bot->answer('I want to join this event', 'When will you attend?')
    ->then(function ($lead, $input) {
        $lead->data('attend_date', $input);

        return 'Thanks for registering!';