Announcements, roadmap and promotions for GigaAI framework & ecosystem.

May 21, 2017

Giga AI V3 Roadmap

It has been 13 months since Facebook released Messenger Bot and 7 months since V2 released. We've added so many features and breaking changes. It's time to move forward, instead of release v2.4, we'll work harder to craft V3.

Planned Features & Breaking Changes:

  • Payment.
  • Message Template which you can build messages and import to nodes.
  • Skype & Telegram driver.
  • integration.
  • Import / Export.
  • Mailchimp Integration.
  • Reactive Webview (Maybe switch to React).
  • $bot->typing() method which mimic human typing.
  • $bot->understands() method which check if node defined or not.
  • $bot->cc() method which you can cc a message.
  • Better profile shortcode so we can fetch any fields included meta data. For example: [user field="shipping_date"].
  • Geo Parsing.
  • Requires PHP >= 5.6.

May 9, 2017

Giga Messenger v2.3.1 Released

V2.3.1 has some minor patch and fixed the migration bug which cause error during plugin installation. If you're subscriber, please login and download via Dashboard. Here is the full change logs:

  • Improvement: Only cache the payload if it's postback.
  • Improvement: Add Cancel button next to Save Changes in Bot Builder.
  • Improvement: Clear Messenger Profile cache after update.
  • Improvement: List can only add 1 last button.
  • Fix: Migration error in MySQL strict mode.
  • Fix: Quick replies doesn't show.
  • Fix: Plugin typos.